Suresh Kumar

Former CEO, ITC Fortune Hotels

Founder, KUE Management Services

Founder & Mentor, ROSAKUE Hospitality

The way forward for the Hospitality community in view of this unprecedented crisis.

“At the outset, I would like to commend the fraternity, Marshalls & teams still holding fort on the field, for their commitment and contribution. These are indeed difficult times and an unprecedented challenge since the enemy is invisible. However, I feel it is pertinent to mention that ‘If the invisible can cause it, the invisible can cure it’. Therefore, the immediate measures in my opinion in this crisis to

  • Respond: Do not panic.
    The objective needs to be staying safe, staying healthy and ensuring protection of assets, both product and human.
  • Re-imagine: Learn to navigate the new normal.

    While the duration of the disruption remains uncertain, the effects so far lead to the need for new strategies to be developed that consider a range of external & internal factors in the rapidly changing scenario.

  • Recover: Manage Uncertainty.

    In continuation with the above, a long term plan to be thought out taking cognizance of the scenario. Thinking several moves ahead only doesn’t work when the rules themselves are subject to change. It is therefore important to revisit core business strategies (targets, costs, practices, etc while maintaining service levels) to plan for resuming and running efficient & courteous operations.

As I close, I would like to share a quote by Henry Ford that I am reminded of in challenging times, ‘When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.’

I believe that we can collectively overcome the repercussions of this global crisis and come out stronger owing to the trait of resilience that hoteliers possess. Stay Safe & Stay Healthy.“